It’s me, Jurijs Tatarkins — illustrator/cartoonist, teacher, etc. Not a native English speaker, so expect lame mistakes and nightmarish grammar. It will improve over time, be patient or come back later.

Thinking is action and my way of thinking is going on walks. Short ones, long ones, sad, joyful and boring ones. Japanese poets used to go on haiku walks (I heard they still do) to train their observation skills to make amazing haiku afterward. Too bad I'm not a Japanese poet and there is no haiku in this blog, but each letter I send to you will be my observations, struggles, and bright ideas in a form of cartoons, comics or illustrations, or whole sketchbook pages as well.

I'm sick of social media, but still want to connect with the world. Substack looks promising. It’s nice to meet you, subscribe maybe?

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Not about writing haiku, rather a something between personal blog, kunstkamera, diary, and a place where I'm sharing my experience in illustration, comics, and teaching.


Jurijs Tatarkins

illustrator and comic artist